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Is your current computer and IT support strategy keeping up with the demands of your fast moving company? 

For many small-to-medium businesses, the answer to this question is “NO.”

If you’re a business owner in Essex County, Fairfield, Morris County, Morristown, Parsippany, NJ or the surrounding areas and you rely on friends of friends, “one man shows,” or IT support companies who just want to sell you unnecessary hardware or software, then it is probably time for a change. So, how do you choose a computer support company you can trust?

Chief Cook and Bottle WasherFor those of you who don’t know me, working with people to develop, maintain and support information technology in a business has always been my passion. Confucius says, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Well, that’s what IT Radix is all about. Doing something that I love and that helps support, not only my own personal success, but also that of small-to-medium businesses.


Radix means foundation in Latin.   I believe that information technology is the foundation of almost every business. With a strong IT foundation, your business is poised for success

 So, what does this mean for you? At IT Radix, we put that passion to work for you to ensure that you’ve got the right computer support solutions in place and are leveraging them to benefit you most.

  • Want to know more about the advantages of entrusting your computer support with IT Radix? Get all the details here.
  • Want guaranteed results? Read about our Zero Risk IT Support Guarantee here
  • Want to know more about our IT support capabilities and services?  I invite you to browse our web site to get a taste of what we can do for you. Or even better click here to schedule a free, soup-to-nuts review of your computers and network and experience first-hand my commitment to your success.


In all cases, it’s my goal to get to know my clients and your business; so that together we implement solutions that support your business’ processes and protect your IT investment.

My team at IT Radix and I would love to be a part of your business’ IT foundation. We proudly serve NJ businesses in Essex County, Fairfield, Morris County, Morristown and Parsippany or surrounding areas. Let’s get started today.

Good networking,




Cathy Coloff
Managing Member
IT Radix, LLC

P.S.  If you would like to test drive our IT support services – without risk – click here to contact us.


Do you want fast, reliable computer support both onsite and remote?


IT Radix enjoys working with successful businesses in the NJ area, particularly in Morris County, Morristown, Parsippany, Essex County, Fairfield and beyond.

Here’s what some of our clients say about IT Radix:

“Since starting to work with IT Radix we have had drastically reduced downtime…”

“IT Radix has provided our company with WOW service from Day 1.  Their kind, friendly team coupled with their solid technical background—and Cathy who just “gets it”—is our favorite part about their service.  Since starting to work with IT Radix we have had drastically reduced downtime which has made our team happier and our company more productive.  IT Radix is extremely patient with the high maintenance demands of our company.  I think they do a great job!”


Sharpe, Kawam, Carmosino & Company, LLC
Sarah Krom, CPA




“Network is being well-maintained and problems resolved asap…”

“The last five plus years have been great! Knowing that our network is being well-maintained and that any problem will be resolved asap — 24×7 —  is a comfortable feeling.. Cathy and Mike are a pleasure to work with.  I am very satisfied with the services provided by IT Radix.”

Molly Pitcher Inn, Oyster Point Hotel
George Decker, Controller



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