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The IT Radix Mission Statement – Our Commitment to You


To enable small-to-medium businesses to effectively use a wide range of information technologies.

To keep our clients aware of changing and emerging technologies that can benefit theiress and offer practical, cost effective solutions that improve productivity and profitability.

We do this by developing strong personal relationships with our clients,
analyzing and understanding their business needs.
This enables us to recommend, implement and support technology
solutions that respond to changing business environments.

To provide guaranteed high quality service and fulfill our promises in a timely manner.

Our Terms And Conditions Of Service

In today’s world, every business uses computer technology to get things done.  There are an overwhelming array of technology decisions that must be made to ensure that your business is running smoothly.  IT Radix makes it easy by providing consulting services, management and support for the technology foundation of your business.

What We Do

IT Radix is the IT department for your business. We work with you to develop policies, procedures, and standards to streamline your computer network. This increases the overall efficiency of your business.

Why Does It Matter?

Because of “What We Do,” our clients have a highly reliable and effective computer network.

What Makes Us Better?

  1. All IT assets and the corresponding policies and procedures for managing and maintaining these assets for your company are documented in a detailed client procedure manual (CPM).
  2. All IT Radix employees follow the same IT best practices and procedures.
  3. Each client is assigned a dedicated technician and a service manager. At the end of each month, the client receives a report on the status of their computer network.
  4. These standards and practices create consistency and accountability throughout the company, and ensure that your computer network is a well-oiled machine.

We monitor and manage your network in real time. You will be communicating with the same technician regularly by email or phone.  

Get peace of mind that the technology foundation of your business is rock solid.

Let IT Radix help you select, manage, and support your computers and IT network.  Contact us today!